KATE Glam Trick Eyes (PU-1)

9 October, 2008 § Leave a comment

KATE Glam Trick Eyes 4.8g 1,680円 (税込)
5 variations

This was my first eyeshadow palette! I purchased it when I first started experimenting with eyeshadow (not that long ago). It’s since (mostly) fallen out of favour with me, but it is a decent, affordable palette with basically all you need for a simple, yet complete eye look: an off-white highlighting shade, two shade colours (a light lilac purple and a dark purple), a sparkly black lining shade… and an extra glittery shade.

PU-1 seems to be discontinued as it doesn’t appear on the official website, although they have two brown palettes. I chose this variation as I’m very fond of purples, and I’m a little sorry to see it has, in all probability, been discontinued.

This is the only KATE palette I own, and so far I haven’t been tempted into more. I think the colours are really pretty, but the image of the brand doesn’t really appeal to me. And, for me at least, the quality is somewhat disappointing. Neither am I a fan of their black minimalist packaging. After so many negatives, what I do like about KATE palettes (and KANEBO ones in general) is the provided eyechart, with instructions (in Japanese). I find the eyechart a helpful guide for the first use.

My disappointment in quality of this palette (although given the very reasonable price point I suppose I shouldn’t complain) begins with the texture. I like soft powders, but the eyeshadows in this palette are on the chalky side — the highlighting/base shade more so than the others, I feel — and quite loosely pressed. I tend to get powder flying everywhere when I use this, whether I’m sweeping my brush over the pan or applying it onto my lids.

In contrast to the other shades in this palette however, the silver glittery shade is dry and very very hard and grainy. I avoid this shade, and the black lining colour, always.

The shades besides the pan of silver glitter and black lining shade are shimmery in the soft, muted way I feel looks very pretty. I think the highlighting/base shade a little less shimmery than the other two colour shades, but there is perhaps no difference.

This palette is definitely on the sheer side. The lighter shades, especially, don’t show up well on my skin. While it makes the palette relatively foolproof, I feel the lack of colour payoff does not easily allow for a proper smokey eye look.

Although I always use an eyeshadow primer (currently TOO FACED Shadow Insurance) I experience a lot of fading with this palette.

I’m a little sad this doesn’t work very well for me as KATE’s other palette ranges look pretty and I’d like to try them! The new Deep Trap Eyes, in particular, look quite promising — I like the look of the purple and grey variations.

» 18.02.2009 —–
I was playing around with the camera and took extra photos of this palette. So here’s the palette taken indoors with natural lighting using the camera’s slow flash function




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